The Kiss

Hesistant, he feels
Drumming his fingers against his side
Keeping cool, as he tries
Directing consideration to the sky
Nevously, he speaks
Commenting the beauty of the stars
Lousy, he feels
Interest is challenging to get

Curious, is what he feels
Turning himself to face the girl
Warm, is his heart
As she chooses to smile at him
Shyness, he feels
Appears like fire behind his ears
Affection, he recieves
A pinch on the arm, a peck on the cheek
Peace, he attains
As the crickets all of a sudden shut up
Courage, he builds up
Reaching out for her hand
All ready, he speaks
“Will you be my girlfriend?”
“Yes,” she says
No resistance to his tight grip
Speechless, they are
in a kiss.

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