The Knights of the Round Table

The Knights of the Round Table have been noble in their actions. Sir Launcelot is a prime instance of nobility of the Round Table. All through his life, Launcelot was unselfish, caring, and faithful to the knighthood. Launcelot was the greatest mounted warrior and was respected by all. The Knights of the Round Table were noble persons.

Sir Launcelot was a faithful knight. He was devoted to his perform of adventure and helping the disturbed by his pledge to the knighthood. Lots of women all through the kingdom craved Launcelot since of his courage. When asked, “Why is it you do not take to your self a wife?” (p.561), Launcelot replied, “But married I will not be, for then I will have to attend my lady instead of entering tournaments and war, and riding in search of adventure.” (p.561) Sir Launcelot has always had an interest in Queen Gwynevere, but he never totally persued her.

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