The Lead to of Becoming Unhappy

Persons sometimes turn into unhappy. Though I devote pleasant time with my host loved ones and friends, I also have a thing that makes angry, disappoint, and sad. There are three key causes which make men and women unhappy the violation of their privacy, failure, and sickness.

First of all, persons grow to be unhappy when their privacy is violated. It is very vital for people today to have their own privacy, so when it is intruded by others, they feel very uncomfortable and irritated. I have an knowledge that I was very angry and unhappy because of the violation of my privacy by a single of my friends. One particular day, she visited me when I was out. There was a misunderstanding in between her and me. I believed the promise was canceled, but she thought it still stood. She told my hot mother that she wanted wait for me in my area, and she entered my area and played my CD player while I had gone. I got really angry and uncomfortable, since she intruded my private space devoid of asking me. Persons develop into really unhappy by the violation of their privacy.

Secondly, when people today fail to do one thing, they feel unhappy. While it is meaningful for them, folks are disappointed at their personal helplessness and inability when they have a failure. For instance, the other day, I attempted to transform my phone service for the reason that my bill was high priced. I called my phone corporation and clarify what I wanted to do. On the other hand, the employees of the corporation mentioned, ?gI don?ft fully grasp what you are talking about.?h After all, I could not make a adjust of my service, because I could not speak English incredibly nicely. I was pretty disappointed at my poor English. When folks fail to do one thing, they are discouraged at themselves.

Ultimately, folks really feel unhappy mainly because of illness. When men and women are sick, they always come to be unhappy. A week ago, I caught a negative cold. Suddenly, I had fever at night, and I took a chill and had a headache and a stomachache. I missed my parents and buddies in Japan, despite the fact that I did not suffer from homesick at all, simply because I was afraid of unfamiliar medicines and felt as if nobody cared about me. When persons endure from illness, they felt anxious and lonely.

Individuals become unhappy due to the fact of the violation of their privacy, failure, and sickness. While I hope I am normally satisfied, it is a kind of…

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