Toucans are members of the bird family. There are about 40 different species of toucans. They range in size from 7-25 inches. They have a extended rounded tail that ranges from half the bird’s body length to its full body length. They are distinguished by means of their lovely bodies, which are covered with several colors. The colors in the toucan’s feathers contain black, white touches, yellow, scarlet, red bands, green, and blue. They are also recognized by their big beaks, which are also brightly colored. Some types of toucan’s beaks are half of their body length! They have really robust legs, which are scaly. Their toes are in pairs. The very first and fourth toes are pointed backward. The toucans commonly live in flocks or pairs, not alone. They eat mostly fruit, and some small berries. But they can also consume smaller sized birds or lizards.

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