What is your opinion on brain drain?

“The world is witnessing the reality that far more and much more people today with specialized skills and expertise are moving to rich countries, causing

controversal opinions. Some persons believe the rich nations are stealing from the poor countries. Some think it is just a element of all-natural

movement of workers around the globe.

The latter is entirely suitable due to the fact these workers have their rights to browsing for improved oppotunities in terms of earnings generation and

individual development. Thay can be paid far more with improved accommodation and provided with sufficient circumstances to spread their wings.In Vietnam, my

property country, the 1980s was seeing influxes of people moving to western nations for small business. Most of them are sucessful, giving a “very good”

example to other folks.

To some extent, the movement causes a fantastic deal of consequences on the poor countries such as the shortage of skilled workers and loss of surplus

designed by these ones, and so on. Nonetheless, damn must not be put on the rich countries for a so-called “bran drain”. What can be performed should really be to make joint agreements in between the rich and poor countries on, for instance, short-term exchange of workers or a different comparable sort. The rich nations, therefore, are necessary to take measures to encourage workers hired to come back and support their won countries. this is seriously taking place. Take international scholarships as a standard example. Numerous academic institutions have needs for applicants on goal, duration and commitment of coming back and serving their nations when finishing the courses.

It is apparent that these measures cannot address the root of the problem however, anything like that should really be place into deep consideration and

actions must be taken to strengthen the situation.”

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