Who is to Blame?

All through the Elizabethan Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet there have been crucial persons accountable for the two young lovers’ deaths. The principal factors for the death of these two fine folks may perhaps be discovered on the consciences of the men and women surrounding them each. It may well also be the feud. amongst their households, and the nicely-meaning but misguided assistance of other individuals? Prior to all of this may by judged, we will have to feel if this was absolutely nothing but fate that brought these two lustful teens to their deaths.

Just before the facts may perhaps be stated, I should 1st introduce the main folks that may have had a potent effect on Romeo or Juliet. The mates of Romeo, Merutio and Benvolio, are slightly to blame. Benvolio, the peace maker, might have tried to help but most likely he wasn’t to blame. Mercutio, the mean prankster, was largely accountable for the death of himself and Tybalt. Mercutio was the major cause for Romeo’s anger toward Tybalt.

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